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Reviews for "Hey Wizard!"

Almost awesome

It was really addictive,a nd I loved the hand idea, but there were some issues. One, I randomly stopped collecting skill points, even though i had almost nothing for my fire upgraded (not sure if that's just me or what). Second, the levels were too few, and teh hike to the level entrance got tedious. In addition, teh respawning goblets on teh level select area kind of made your health bar a moot point. Other than that, decent game all around.

Oh, Jesus, the controls...

It's a great premise, but it doesn't completely come through. For instance, it's really hard to use any of your weapons. If you use the flame or the lightning, you start flying around, and either end up at the bottom of a staircase of floating platforms while the gate brings even more enemies to make your climb a living Hell, or even completely off the map, where you fall to your death and have to start all over. The hand is too difficult to set up correctly to actually be a reliable weapon, and there's no defense available if the bats fly at you through the ground (Seriously, what the fuck is with that shit?). The idea's great, it just needs some tweaking to play as well as it should, and very well could.

WOW, This game is definately underated

It's ridiculous how much people hate on this game of course some things can be fixed but all the work and detail put into this game is amazing people are starting to get way too "critic"al around here :/
Keep on trucking man

pretty good game, AWESOME MUSIC

where would I be able to download his stuff?

Addictive but..

It got repetitive. It's great, the fact that your improvements are actually noticeable and impact the game is great, I like the idea of whatever attack you use is the one that improves, but it seemed somewhat limited because it only improved when you kill a portal. That said, the game is great, a nice art style and arena mode add to the gameplay a lot. I would have liked a more inspired soundtrack, it just seemed dull even though your character is slinging spells at giant monsters.

Overall a nice expiriance worth the time, but you have to patient before the good abiities open up