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Reviews for "Hey Wizard!"

love the game

Wow, Spelgrim you really do have taste and talent of making these kind of games..
When I mean taste I mean upgrading stuff...and the music is kick ass

Slightly terrible-no offense..

All the monsters are one colour...when those bats go under the ground I cant see then and they kill me! Please change the bats another colour!

Needs improvements

Now I have actually played this game before back in 2008, but I haven't really played enough of it and I haven't done the review. But, seeing that the sequel came out rather recently, I figured I'd pay a visit to this one first; if I just went immediatley to the second one, I would not been able to say what has been improved or not. Besides it just a while since I've played this, I practically forgot everything about it.

The story revolves around a wizard. This wizard stubbled upon an interesting looking book called MegaGate; he read the first sentence and the Megagate appeared, and took all of his magic spells. It is up to the wizard to gain them back. The wizard must travel through various of locations (although they look rather the same if you just look at the colors) and collect all of the lost magic spells.

The gameplay often has you figting various of creatures (Well, actually there's not a whole lot. a majority of them, at least earlier, are all the same, just in different sizes) and there are these summoners called Gates that summon the monsters you must fight off. I haven't really gotten all that far within the game, but from what I gather a majority of the time you have to deal with the Gates to stop from from summoning more monsters, but there a few levels where they aren't there. Much like the 3rd level where you must destroy these claw like things and take out the monster at the control. Now, one of the reasons I haven't gotten all that far is because of the controls. The controls are rather troublesome, and it doesn't help that they are a bit buggy. Sometimes the wizard may move uncontrollably move on his own, and I'm not just talking about being on a tilted platform. He can actually just move upwards on his own. Also at certain times when using Fire to get airbrone, at times when I let go of the mouse button like you supposed if you want to get back down, but instead he just keeps going up. Other than the levels ( you don't have to play the levels in order, you can start off with level 2 if you like) you play through there is also an arena that has you battling against waves of enemies through rounds.

The graphics are rather very simpilistic. While this isn't a bad thing, there are still some bad things to mentioned when it comes to the graphics. I don't mind that there only three colors: red, yellow and green. But there are few downers though. Such as the fire; it really doesn't look like fire. The way the wizard walks is always really weird, it seems like he's moving a while. But, like those types of wheels that have 4 legs. Overal the graphics are rather very simplistic.

When it come to audio ther isn't much going on for music, it's really just the same song. the sound effects are rather good though, like when you charge a lighting bolt long enough and shoot, it becomes much louder. The fire sounds good. There are also additional sound effects that are also done well. There aren't any voice acting, but the wizard may laugh a few times when he finds a book. The laughing doesn't sound forced.

GOOD - Simplistic, but good graphics. Non-linear. features achievements. Decent audio.

BAD - Only three colors mostly. Fire doesn't look like fire. Wizard's walking animation is weird. Troublesome controls. A few bugs. Magic powers are at times hard to use, due to bugs.


Awesome game, loved every part of it,
Unique and Fun.

Keep up the good work.

Music is awesome

Great music and estetic. A little bit bored after level 5 to me.