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Reviews for "Is that... Barry Scott?!"

Nothing too great

Doesn't really seem like much of a series.
The two had nothing in common...

That said, decent Flash. Seems rushed though.
There isn't really much animation. And the backgrounds are all just colorful gradients. Nothing too special or fancy.

I suppose it was semi-funny.
But I can't help but wonder if you just whipped this off and said it was part of the series to try and ride the mild success of the first.

I know you can do better work than this man, I've seen you do it.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

well I try, I cant please everyone, but ah well. at least I gave you a semi- laugh :D


reminds me a lot of awesome center in a 'basically the same joke' sort of way

DAGamesOfficial responds:

lol that's a little more crazy, but I see what you mean xP

PS: this... looks NOTHING like the awesome series, so your wrong :)

BANG and the dirt is gone.

Well I can easily say thats the best Barry Scott flash Ive ever seen. Now is this really part of the "Is That..." it seems completley differnt from the other one. I remember you talking about a advert collab and that you'd be doing cilit bang.

Anyways its a great flash 10/10 5/5


DAGamesOfficial responds:

oh yeah I WAS going to do that for te advert, but deadline came, so I decided to use it in an upcoming cartoon, and I have done :D

and thanx, glad you think tis the best barry scott cartoon :P


awsomeness man, nice job

DAGamesOfficial responds:

thanks dude :D

WOOP barry scott

Barry scott is the Legend
Cillit Bang Powns Every other household product =]
Nice one dude

DAGamesOfficial responds:

lol barry scotts adverst will always be better than lose other lame ass adverts you see of deodrent that dont make sense! thans, glad ya liked :D