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Reviews for "Is that... Barry Scott?!"

Cillit PAWNCH!

Hah, I had to watch it a second time to catch the "Cillit Pawnch," even though he did not really say it, what? it's funny! The punching gains all mah 10's & 5's.

- Peace,


god that was funny xD


These "Is that..." series is going to be awesome. They're silly, they're random, and that's all newgrounds users seem to really enjoy these days. Keep it up!


That was your funniest in my opinion! Ok animation but I lol'd!

DAGamesOfficial responds:

thanx dude, appreciaaaaaate it! :D and Im glad you lol'd you sexah beast!

I like it

It would be a 10 but you missed out the famous 'Bang ! and the dirt is gone' quote
Or you should have put Jill in there
'Hi, I'm Barry Scott and I'm here with Jill who uses Cillit Bang: Lime and Grime universal stain remover'
Something like that =P
Anywhoo, tis a sweet flash
A gave it 5 on the votey thing

DAGamesOfficial responds:

aw shit i shoud have pt that in. I was thinking that as well >_< ah well xP I can do another spoof some time :D