Reviews for "Run fatboy, run"


pure awesomeness.kinda similar to endless zombie rampage :D i can definitely imagine this becoming front paged.u should be proud of yourself dude

played for 20 seconds and decided i had enough

The idea is good and even slightly entertaining. Reading the description i thought this would be a side scroller with the image of a obese man trying to jump over obsticles while shooting a gun. Unfourtantly not.

I played for 20 seconds and decided i had enough. Poor gamply, Simple graphics, no sounds (beside the gunshots) and a rather poor turning circle. There is nothing that would want me to play this again. It is just simply utterly horrendous.

As most of the time, I give one star for effort.


It's simple, yet good. Maybe the p90 should be a pistol cuz p90 are rapid fire.

pretty good

this game has hard controls btu it's pretty good

It's OK, but it could be better!

The main character moves too fast and the game could use some improvement. Still, it's not a bad game, but it'll never beat "Crimsonland"

lomy responds:

yeah =D, its my first game and inspired by crimsonland