Reviews for "Gher 2"


was expecting more. I like the loading screen tho!

Can't Belive It

The animation was stupid as long as making it to the point of just the repeating dance and worthless music. I give a three because no movie that is that bad, should be on NG. I do, however, like the idea of a teacher that randomley travels places. Make the annimation less unwanted and try to give it a meaning. I belive that the animation was the worst, so improve on that. Also, the music made me feel HiGh. Improve on that too.

wtf vet

haha ik zag geertje wilders

............................. na

Its a good flash but it dusnnt make sence@@!!!! (?) and its realy freacking me out whit his way of walk! Srry better work on it!

Who was asking for a sequel?

This flash made utterly no sense whether or not thats the point of this flash its pretty clear that nothing is going on beyong a jingle and a dance, their were very subtle differences in comparison to the first one in which I saw reused animation sequences and i really dont feel that this movie deserves anything beyond a 3 star rating. The fact you have idiots trolling this flash getting the misconception that the bar for a 10 has greatly lowered doesnt mean anything, please move on and make a flash that actually contributes to the site rather than takes up space.