Reviews for "Gher 2"

not that good

Its just a simple thing, needs more action and more. Also you should make a more action, traveling 1 next time


Funny but very weird. The dancing was smooth and made me laugh.. kind of in the WHAT THE HELL!? kind of way. It depends on its predeccessor, as i had no idea what was going on. Quite funny though. Improve on telling the story a little more

WhAaAaAaAa !!!!!!

Funny dancing moves , nice moves .

I wish i could dance like that while im running . That's would be freakiing awsum !!!

Stomme Amerikanen

Wtf, goeie shit gasten.
Ik hou van PLAS producties.
Leuk muziekje en grappige animatie.
Iedereen die dit niet grappig vind is een beetje gek.

high on crack

must be crack