Reviews for "Gher 2"


This is epic! I'm glad you just had a nice simple animation with a few jokes and catchy tune. Very enjoyable and a 10 stars!

Loved it

I enjoyed this movie very much. Both the animation and song are catchy and it's a fitting sequel. I hope you will continue to make more staring Gher.

aap responds:

Thanks a lot!

Whether there will be another sequel depends on Gher himself. Hope he will get another fulbright!

Er. What?

It was mildly amusing in a random way (well, there were also one or two nice jokes, such as the prof rating himself), but it still wasn't a very well-made film. Animation and art were fairly good, but it felt like there wasn't a whole lot of thought in it. And a lot of things went by too fast. The newspaper in the beginning, for example, was impossible to read at the speed it scrolled down.

hellz yeah

i lol'd at the dance XD

i enjoyed that

quite a bit