Reviews for "Gher 2"

I come from Baku

Err.... I didn't undertand this much, but I was born/ come from Baku, It was nice seeing all those sights, beatiful ountry, isn't it? Can't beleive someone actually made a flash about it! I think it deserves a 7 for a good beat but a 10 because this is a flash about my homeland! Wooo!

aap responds:

Yeah, I've seen pictures of Azerbaijan and it's a beautiful country indeed! We all should be jealous of Gher... He could go there for free! :D


It's funny

But it wasn't as random or as funny as Gher 1. You should definitely make it more random with him appearing in random places to the drum beats again, because that is why Gher is so hysterical. This one is okay, but it seemed like you were running out of ideas, and it's only part 2. Please get more random and crazy next time!

aap responds:

Hmm, yeah he didn't teleported arround that much this time. Don't know why! :D

Thank you!


what the fuck man......j-just what the fuck was going on.i don't celebrate christmas so i'm gonna be honest......3 for animation,

aap responds:

Poor you! Not celebrating Christmas... That sucks man!


Trust me! It's worth a replas!

aap responds:

Thank you! :D There will be more plas!

Haha, my PC is made by a company called Medion and it sucks. I hate it. :D


That was really awesome ! You joined flash with fun and music video Gher is really amazing series and music is also awesome ;)

GJ !

Keep up good work !

aap responds:

Yay! Thank you Firmar.