Reviews for "Gher 2"


Not as good or catchy as the original. Animation was slightly better, but the first Gher still has a place in my heart that this cannot fill.

thats how u shud dance.

animation was good. music was good. story was good.
10/10 9/10 9/10

and to teh ego man below me.. lots of WanaB'egos out there, u r preventing more flashs like this wit ur fans that copy ur style XD


This reminds me of the Newgrounds movies of old, before everyone was trying to be one way or another. This got laughs out of me, great job.


wtf does this have to do with mass media?

aap responds:

Everything, Mack. Everything.


that made absolutely no sense at all and i loved every wasted second of it!
one question, why was that woman wearing a tie?
other than that the animation was good and the music was alright, a bit repetitive, but O.K. The dance could've changed some here and there but it still was good.
nice job.

aap responds:

I have no idea why that woman was wearing a tie.

Thank you! :)