Reviews for "Gher 2"


De andere heb ik op weebl-stuff gezien, vooral de taxichauffeur die blijft terugkomen is geweldig.
Alleen vond ik he vorige liedje beter.


the only nice thing was the cloud and the jelly face!!!!you should make a game out of this!!!!

The movie was strange, but a 10 for the mini game.

10 for the awesome yet pointles mini-game, it so squishy!

wth wuz that

Good vid... but... seriously I was completely lost. -_-


Jeah, the dance thing at first was good, i laughed and it was nice...but always same time dancing?!

and in an country where bombs rockets and more are the most exciting at the moment he still dance with people from the beginning and if you see they don't fly along with that guy gher...so where they come from...no story no good ideas just 3 of 10, sorry. do it well next time.

aap responds:

They come from a high time resolution spectrometer, Pottara. Tie that good in your ears.