Reviews for "Parasite X"

I like it!

I remember this from FGL, though... :)
Maybe some more action-ey music in the actual game might have been better.
White blood cells would have been cool. Maybe some more weapons than a chemical bomb.

What if you progressed through the body and laid eggs or something. When they hatched, you would have more buddies.

I read somewhere that bacteria propel themselves by a chemical motor... mayber
Also, i read somewhere that bacteria can propel themselves using chemical motors... maybe you could add a speed boost type thing.

Over all, pretty good!

Great time waster

Fun way to pass time, say, if you're waiting for the pizza to arrive or something

i dig

good game, i like how towards the end of a wave, the gameplay gets frantic. good time killer, and addictive, despite being a bit repetitive. i would love to see a sequel, mabye with a boss or different kinds of blood cells.


its good in a SPECIAL way!

I enjoyed it

its nice, the music fits, nice creativity.
i think you should make different cells tho
maybe white blood cell n stuff