Reviews for "Parasite X"

Very good indeed.

You have my 10.
Very addictive and well-balanced game. I should be working right now, but this got me stuck to lvl 22 until I realised how much time I've been 'wasting' here.

I still haven't reached the point where my upgrades are so useful that I can sit back and take it more easily.
Very well balanced game indeed.

yay 5th OMG NO GROW

yea um i put like at least 30 into my size and it won't grow
might just be glitch on my pc

yay i made to 5th OMG NO GROW=me :D
anyways great game shud put a buddy bomber on there :D


it was a good game but at level 32 blood is frickin everywhere!!!! it was (in my opinion it was front page material) a good game!

wicked awsome

this game rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


simple yet really really addicting.. nice