Reviews for "Parasite X"

Boring =(

Its ok but its to simple and boring

It's ok, I guess...

At the start, it's pretty new and catchy, the style which undoubtedly draws you into playing loads of it.

So it's good at the moment, upgrading you and you buddy, but soon it gets pretty boring. The problem is is that there should be maybe attacking antibodies (enemy's) should be created. Secondly, the parasite doesn't seem to grow when you press that upgrade button (same with the buddy size, as well). The physics of the parasite itself against the wall and floor may need a bit of polishing too. Possibly music and better sound effects too.

The overall gameplay, well... it's ok, I guess. Maybe you should be given an option to get a new buddy? Or possibly a multiplayer mode (or have I overlooked that?) to play with your mate on Parasite X. I'd give this a 7/10 because of it's strangely addictive and original gameplay. Nice piece of work here.


It's fun at first, but it gets really repetitive. Try adding enemies that can hurt your character. Also, the upgrade making yourself bigger didn't seem to do anything.


Could say it was boring but it did keep me going for ages.


its a decent game, but it gets repetative after a short while. imposible was just the same, but starting harder.