Reviews for "Parasite X"

it was good

ol funny game

unbelivable responds:



This game was pretty cool. I liked the growing but the points were a bit hard to come by!

And cheatmaster is probably a 10 year old who never gets to curse, so he lets it out on people he doesn't know because he has no social life ;] He's probably just fussy that the cheating was stoped.

and its spelt douche
i think
i forget
XD Good game!

unbelivable responds:

Hehe Thanks and yep he probably is, annyways free whistlepoints for us! :D


well it was fun for a while, but then it got annoying. It seemed like your parasite should grow as your kills progress. Also points were a little hard to come by.


i bet your a 2 year old tryingto be cool..1 you spelled doosche wrong 2 your immature and 3 your just playing dumb..dont talk crap about what you couldnt do yourself

good at first

i liked it at first but after awhile it gets boring
you should add maybe diffrent typs of blood cells in later levels
like white blood sells or t cells or somthing to that effect
that would make it more intresting