Reviews for "Parasite X"

Heres my opinion about the game:

THE GOOD: the spore consept is strongly built.
the graphics and game speed is decent too.

THE BAD: it was REPETETIVE!!!! and it was fun in about 13 min..and then i stopped playing.MAKE it like a real spore copy.

the game is great,but not great enough for a 10. but ill give you a 7 for it.

I like it!

I remember this from FGL, though... :)
Maybe some more action-ey music in the actual game might have been better.
White blood cells would have been cool. Maybe some more weapons than a chemical bomb.

What if you progressed through the body and laid eggs or something. When they hatched, you would have more buddies.

I read somewhere that bacteria propel themselves by a chemical motor... mayber
Also, i read somewhere that bacteria can propel themselves using chemical motors... maybe you could add a speed boost type thing.

Over all, pretty good!

Nice idea, not sure about execution...

I like the concept and the graphics (with one or two exceptions but I'll get to that) but theres a few things that concerned me...

The upgrade menu is a little confusing... could you seperate the price? Like move it to the other side of the buy button?
The upgrades don't actually appear to do much :S
When rubbing against the sides of the screen, the screen shakes and its a bit... odd? Especially since it did the same thing when I lost a life so it confused me too...
I really liked the game, don't get me wrong. I just found these few things to annoy me a little :)


Are way too tiny. I spent all my points on my size and nothing else for well over 15 levels, restarted the game to compare sizes, and there was barely any noticeable change. Too slow going, but relaxing to play.

Keeping my mouse in the game was a big issue too, but it just wasn't exactly hard enough on normal mode for that to be a problem.

good game...

This is a very well done game, but like every one else has said, it has its issues. The only issue I had a major deal with wasn't even the game, it was keeping my damn mouse in the screen. It could use something to spice it up and make it a little less repetitive, perhaps upgrades that are more effective, and maybe even a bonus level or something of the like. Just something to keep it fresh the whole time. Other than that, though, it was a well done game. I also think you should put a counter on how many cells made it to the bottom, and out of how many it takes to lose.
Good work though!