Reviews for "Parasite X"

Easy as piss.

When I finished playing and tried submited my score. However, it woud just keep loading. My sister got 43,790 kills, 4,995.396 days, 118,938 hours, and 14.98618 years. She's 13. Kind of a testament to how easy this game is.
http://img82.imageshack.us/my.php?ima ge=53981604ny8.png


i hate people like "icecool777" who are probably too poor to afford flash and they complain when they get bored. nice game but the upgrades are too small it seemed to take forever to get even a tiny bit bigger maybe start with about 1000 points to get you started???

SO adictive

omg that was amasing
very nicly made
adictive as crack :D


super nice but not perfect


72 days 1714 hours