Reviews for "Parasite X"

Addictive and simple, I found myself a bit absorbed in this game. My only complaint is how easy this it is; perhaps making it more challenging - such as making the foes aggressive, perhaps - will improve this game.


It sure is a nice game, but like some already said, the upgrade system isn't good and normal mode is too easy, while impossible mode is way too hard. But still, this game is addicting and fun.

well its catchy

its kind of addicting, but impossible mode is faaaaaar from impossible. I had to let myself die after 65,000 points. overall its a pretty easy game. plus most of the upgrades arent worth it. they arent noticable or helpful at all until you upgrade them more than 15-20 times.

needs work

could be 10/10 if you changed the upgrades.... some of them arent noticeable! i tried timing the fire rate... and it changes about from around 17 seconds to 16 seconds over 15 god damn upgrades! thats barely noticeable. actually the only upgrade which seemed to help was buddy size.... i tried own size but it doesnt seem to apply at all... hoestly i took screen shots and compared them and i can hardly see the difference after 20 upgrades...

as well you might wanna make the information regarding these upgrades make sense.... theres these numbers after em but you have no freaking idea what they are supposed to represent. at least add an intial amount such as 1 or 100 so people know what those damn numbers are supposed to tell.

so all i could complain about is the upgrades really.

btw after playing this game for around 40 min i got dizzy and felt kinda sick. i think the gameplay does make you feel sort of dizzy because you focus on objects while moving toward them. just as it makes you feel sick to stare at signs when you drive by them in car.
you should add some kind of warning to the game discription regarding playing this game for to long time.

much said. all theres left to say is that i had a great time playing the game and i wouldnt mind a sequal.


This game is F'IN CRAZY GOOD!!!!!