Reviews for "Crater"

Nice Game

Bet it took a lot of work to create this game, great job!

I really really liked it

Well,very good animation.It was animation.This was more animated than any of the tactical fights.The best tactical game I played so far.I liked fighting with the enemies.Could you make all these in flash?.I thought only game maker was used to make animated games.I like games like this.Thanks(?)

that was strange

when i first saw those keepers i got attack 8 times in 1 attack by 4 keeper.

i think you should also put more information on you discription.
this is a very good game but i don't think its very clear in what the meaning of the game really is

Neat! :D

Pretty cool! I like it a lot! However I must say the battle mechanic is sort of strange; I missed the reason why running into a white circle engaged a battle scene, and in order to pass the white points, you have to go around them, or you're stuck in re-engaging combat.

Looks but that is all.

The game looks nice. But to be perfectly clear, the thing that matters most is "Is this game any fun?" And here is your biggest drawback. It was so slowpaced that I felt myself yawning as I watched this red cross inch across the landscape. The battles were slow, and had little intensity, and the only notable sound here was the gusting sandy wind, wich after a while makes this game even more dull and lifeless.

Take a buzzkill, dress him up in the finest clothes, he's still a buzzkill, he just looks pretty.