Reviews for "Don't eat that Sandwich!!"

Not that funny

It started of ok with the bear in the sandwich but the humor turned to poop after. Character animations need to be more fluid and the voice acting wasn't to good either.


Nice work, but I thought the story was dull. Not that funny, but professionally done.

sarthius responds:

Yeah bored me a bit too. I mean i gotta sit thru it over and over while I'm working on it. Not my best work but I'm still proud of it.


How did this make the front page?

Only one good idea (yes, the bear and past life). The rest just wasn't funny, dumb voices and cliches.

Not funny

The video is kinda childish. I mean little kids watch these kind of jokes on the kids channels.
Well done on making a video but the jokes were terrible.


Seriously! This really does not make any sense. So the bear has its claw in the sandwich. But how did it get there? And the voices were really fast. Bad animation and story. I really expected more from you.