Reviews for "Don't eat that Sandwich!!"


nice distraction i guess....


It was ok... I liked the end, and the bit with the bear and the fires was good.
But the animation needs work and the bears growl was annoying.

that was awesom

to be honest i dont know how those other ppls can give a zero for this i mean serw its not perfect but its funny and random and the animating is good so like a 5 at min ppls gawd but for me 10/10 and 5/5


Overall this video was poorly voiced and the animation was kinda silly but I found it funny. The rookie cop was the best though, his mouth movement was ridiculous.. made me laugh

C'mon don't be so harsh people.

First of all, sure the voices weren't great. He did this by himself from what I saw, or at least for the most part. Besides how many of you people throwing 0's even submit a flash?

As for the voicing on the bear. Dude, the voice for the bear was amazing. Hilarious. It's a billion times better than a real bear's sound clip for the style of this. Sure, it is a little bland, but wasn't that pancake movie too? I watched both of these in a row, and loved em both.

This kid deserves some credit, 8/4 bro. Good job. This is my second time watching this today.