Reviews for "Don't eat that Sandwich!!"


how ironic a cactus and snake farm! This was very good found it hilarious

Why the hell was this funny? x.x

This is really messed up. I really hated this flash, but it made me laugh. What the hell?! x.x I usually like dumb things that make me laugh, but this was like an i hate dumb but it's funny thing. How wierd is that?!

*coughs* Aside from those wonderful comments, the snakes were cutely made. I loved the snaked. They were so adorable. If you folks don't watch this thing for any specific reason beforehand, atleast watch it for the snakes ; p


the voices were a little so-so, but the comedy totally made up for it.

worthy of adult swim...

with a little more length and a little more of a point, i could see something like this on adult swim.
good job on animation, work on art tho. ;D


very well done, liked it alot