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Reviews for "Hypersonic"

erm... well

when i got to 0 health i kepy on going and to see how far it would go down, i left it. it is seemingly continuous. so fix the minus health and please please listen to reddeye. i hurt my finger :(


but try making the enemies easier to kill and should drop more power ups. nice graphics.

Argh mouse controls.

Hate them. But i managed to play. It pretty good except your initial weapon doesn't do much damage. Nice background too.

nice graphics but...

Nice graphics, but enemies were almost impossible to kill, got very repetitive.....

Galaga Again

Nice Galagaesque ship shooter. I loved how the second power up laser sounds just like Galaga. Game was a little difficult but still fun. I did find a few things that were pretty annoying however.

The Meteor Field is just evil.
Homing Missles home in on other powerups? LAME.
You can't stock up on weapons if you get two? LAME.

Change those two bugs and maybe make the power up lasers a bit stronger and you've got yourself a good game.