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Reviews for "Where's Me Fuckin' Sherry"

nicely done

yes, indeed, im scared of dec 25th now but who cares


freakin a. nice job.


I don't care if you want to make your offensive flash a funny flash,but I think you have some really bad phychological problems with Santa and maybe generally Xmas..Well,I don't like Xmas as well,but that doesn't mean I will show things that offend other's people beliefs and/or happiness.

callumations responds:

Cheers up buddy! It's Christmas!

I love Christmas!

This video was made to fit the song, which was made by Bob Noxious, not myself.

Just what the client ordered!


Good drawing and animating.. how come you got into the Christmas collection so quick! my score is nearly as much as you'r but mine hasnt got in yet =[

Ah well, great this is. and you stand a chance of the $1000 good luck x

whoa there

That was some funny shit right here. That santa clause sure was dirty. Damn... very nicely drawn and animated. Very catchy song. I like how he says "i'm only here to fuck your mom". haha