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Reviews for "Where's Me Fuckin' Sherry"


very nicely done. I like your drawing style. I'm surprised the score isn't higher. Great song too.


haha santa claus is a prick, i think im gonna convert to judism... at leas then ill be good with money


kinfa funny, in a messed up sense of the word, but took a great deal of effore, and some prowess. nice.

Holy Shit!

The first time I watched it, almost couldn't get through it. It was like watching an autopsy. But like an autopsy, it gets funnier every time you see it. Good work man.

Thought i might say hello

Hello, I'm bob noxious, the man who started all this! I'm so pleased with the work Cal has done on these videos.. please vote for us for Christmas!!! and if not, then bugger off back to lapland.... cheers bob