Reviews for "Soul's Silver Lining"

Oooh, pretty :D

I really like this, the lighting is brilliant! such contrasting light and dark areas ^^ and its lugia, WOO ;)

great and OMG

its a pokemon luigias hand look like a charecter in super smash bros brawl called Master Hand!


I wish I could "doodle" like you O_o

Lugia is by far my favorite, and this is an awesome drawing. Lugia approves, praises, and even hails this content.

Well done.

The lighting in this was done very well. It's definitely the thing that catches my eye the most. The glow around Lugia is a nice support/accent to the lighting, as well.

The colors, how you used all cool colors, are very pleasing to the eye and I like how you have the light streaks at the bottom.

The bubbles are also a nice touch.