Reviews for "Squario"


If I wanted to play mario, I would have played mario. Not some poorly executed mexican ripoff.

Like I said, it's obviously ripped off from mario, with no new or original ideas. The graphics were poor at best, and the sound was really awful. The control over squario was too loose, and I found myself often drifting into enemies or holes because I didn't have enough control over him.

I'm not trying to sound mean, but you took a great game and made it suck. Next time, try and come up with your own idea, or at least add a twist to make your stoeln idea more interesting.

Skellus responds:

Mexican? Ripoff? Please. I don't want to be mean either but please take a better while before writing.
It is not ripoff. This game is BASED ON Mario. I haven't stolen anything, so stop making it sound as if I was some criminal. If you don't like remakes, then for the God's sake leave it as is without making offending comments.
And you have really big control on player. If you want to put a blame on someone, put a blame on your own playing skills (Though I do that sometimes just like all players) - the game IS difficult and I agree but that's the point of playing - challenging yourself and taking satisfaction from success.

And once again, please do me and others a favor and don't use words Stolen and Ripoff when talking about free remakes and games obviously based on others. If I made you pay for it, I would agree it would be stolen or ripped off.

Thanks for your time.

Phailed copy of mario

the graphics were ok but the gameplay scked more than chuck norris when he scks the brain out of a cats head o.O. even the first mario game ever made was waaaaaaaay better than this-.- if your gonna continue on this game, then you'll need to change mostly everything, the jumping, the running speed, and that youre like slipping all the time when youre standing still. Go do your homework then continue on this, kay ?


This is a disgrace to the mario game!!


The guy freagin' goes like flying when you even tap the keypad!!