Reviews for "Squario"

Excellent work

The background music was nice and jumping sounds were good too.Very well drawn.I liked squario better than mario.

New Mario-style game

Great Mario-like game. I like your home-made sprites :D Jump like Mario, kill the most regular enemies from the original Mario games. Bowser is a little different, try to jump at his head to kill him, but don't try when he is flashing. Probably the best "Mario" game made in flash! Best of all is that when you get game over, the score you've got can be submitted to an online list!

Dear down raters...

Ur insane and have no taste in video games. Skellus, don't let these idioits get you down. Keep it up and down raters, you should be more creative with your reasons of downrating.

Best Mario Game Parody Ever


This game doesn't work, when i press z on the title it goes to a blank screen. Please fix this.