Reviews for "Squario"


I appreciate the good level design, graphics and physics, but it bared such an overly strong resemblance to Mario I couldn't stand it. Decent sound effects and music, though. Good job, try a more original approach next time and I'm sure you'll nail it. :D

Pretty much a mario carbon copy.

Except more freedom of movement, and the character is much slower. Over all though it was a fun game to play.

best game for a long time

it was amazing i loved it! there was one thing wrong with it tho the music wasnt that good but i dont care great job

New Mario-style game

Great Mario-like game. I like your home-made sprites :D Jump like Mario, kill the most regular enemies from the original Mario games. Bowser is a little different, try to jump at his head to kill him, but don't try when he is flashing. Probably the best "Mario" game made in flash! Best of all is that when you get game over, the score you've got can be submitted to an online list!

mario style

i like the old mario style games, this one was pretty good. the only problem i had was beating the boss at the end of the first world. in mario you run past him grab the axe and he falls in the lava. in this one i tried that, there was no axe so i tried jumping on him and died. you should make it more clear how to defeat him.