Reviews for "Squario"


it sucks but i will give it 1 point cuz it lokks like spongebob


well i mean the sound kinda suckt the game was w/e i know how it was based of mario but when u play a game based on mario.....with OUT mario is just not the same and it losses its *ZOMFG AWSOME* charm, the graphics wernt that good either, overall i think your newer game the mario one is 10x times better now that gets a 20

Good, but I smell Plaigarism

Yeah its a good, fun game, but LOOSELY based on Mario? Seriously, this is Mario with graphic changes. It's fun, but you need to come up with your own ideas. Everything. The enemies look like goombas and koopa troppahs. But, gameplay is pretty good.

LOL funny

It was an enjoyable experience. I found it hilarious.
As a "Mario" based platform, it is a pass. The "10second" music loops were suited to the game, and the sound effects were comical.
Control was nothing short of what I'd expect from the NES/SNES era.
Definitely not a game to obsess over, but a fun way to waste 20minutes. :)


If I wanted to play mario, I would have played mario. Not some poorly executed mexican ripoff.

Like I said, it's obviously ripped off from mario, with no new or original ideas. The graphics were poor at best, and the sound was really awful. The control over squario was too loose, and I found myself often drifting into enemies or holes because I didn't have enough control over him.

I'm not trying to sound mean, but you took a great game and made it suck. Next time, try and come up with your own idea, or at least add a twist to make your stoeln idea more interesting.

Skellus responds:

Mexican? Ripoff? Please. I don't want to be mean either but please take a better while before writing.
It is not ripoff. This game is BASED ON Mario. I haven't stolen anything, so stop making it sound as if I was some criminal. If you don't like remakes, then for the God's sake leave it as is without making offending comments.
And you have really big control on player. If you want to put a blame on someone, put a blame on your own playing skills (Though I do that sometimes just like all players) - the game IS difficult and I agree but that's the point of playing - challenging yourself and taking satisfaction from success.

And once again, please do me and others a favor and don't use words Stolen and Ripoff when talking about free remakes and games obviously based on others. If I made you pay for it, I would agree it would be stolen or ripped off.

Thanks for your time.