Reviews for "Squario"


i'm sorry, but this regurgitation of old video games must be ended!

Phailed copy of mario

the graphics were ok but the gameplay scked more than chuck norris when he scks the brain out of a cats head o.O. even the first mario game ever made was waaaaaaaay better than this-.- if your gonna continue on this game, then you'll need to change mostly everything, the jumping, the running speed, and that youre like slipping all the time when youre standing still. Go do your homework then continue on this, kay ?

I am so f*cking tired of Mario Copies.

I refuse to acknowledge idiots who think that they're clever because they can "put a new twist" or "loosely base the game" on Mario. If I want to play Mario, I will get on my f*cking console and play Mario. Why would I play this crappy version where the controls suck, the powerups suck, the music is even more annoying than Mario music, and the goombas have one eye? To everyone who has ever made a mario copy: No one likes playing them. No one plays them to the end. People play them for about two minutes before realizing that there is nothing special. Mario copies suck. They just suck, okay. There is no debate.

"Loosely based"? More like "Carbon copy"

I played all the way up past the first boss, and what I can tell, the only differences between this and mario is that you can't see the difference between big and small squario, you control like you're walking on ice the entire game and you didn't bother to implement the fire flower or the exit flag bonus points. The levels are carbon copies, the game mechanics are carbon copies. Or if not carbon copies, so close that I can't tell the difference. I certainly didn't see any "more features".

Loosely based

Cool. I like this, it's a good time passer and such. It is difficult - although at some points its not obvious if the difficulty is intentional (Squario's tendency to keep walking after you stop holding the button, for example) or just a glitch.