Reviews for "Sniper Confrontation"


sp much fun! thanks for submitting it!

nggangsterpimp responds:

haha. no prob man. :3

Awesome :)

Great work with this one gangster :D It really rocked, good game :) Best sniper game i played for a while :D

nggangsterpimp responds:

thnx. :D

Great fun!

That was some good fun there , I must say , but it just needs some more blood and gore added into it , and plus it would be even better , if it had more enemies in it that we could shoot!

Anyway , this was an overally cool game!

nggangsterpimp responds:

yea i always have problems getting good blood and gore in my movies. thank you for this review. im glad you liked it so much. :D


now that was fun. great stress reliver.

nggangsterpimp responds:

sure is man. sure is. :3


its cool
nice idea on youre not alound to kill hank BTW

nggangsterpimp responds:

lol. thnx.