Reviews for "Sniper Confrontation"

man this is underrated!!

best game ever!!

nggangsterpimp responds:

haha. thank you so much. :D


thats good, it think you couldve addded some blood when there heads fell off

nggangsterpimp responds:

yea. i really needed alot more blood all up in this bitch. but im not good enough with blood.


you beat me at everything

but very good

nggangsterpimp responds:


not very challenging

but you added a lot of funny features, like the "FINISH HIM!" and the "JESUS FUCK! HES DEAD ALREADY!" and of course Hank, who couldnt be killed

nggangsterpimp responds:

haha yeah. FINISH HIM! lmao thnx. like i say. hanks to cool to die.


amuzing for a few minutes

nggangsterpimp responds:

sure is.