Reviews for "Sniper Confrontation"


hank cant die =D

nggangsterpimp responds:

lol. hay nice user icon. :3


niiiiccceeeniiiiccceeeniiiiccceeeniii iccceee!!!! i made trickys head pop off!! XD
i couldent kill hank =(
awesome game =3

nggangsterpimp responds:

haha. i neve liked tricky that much so he is the easiest to kill out of them all. :P but hanks to epic to dai. =D thnx for the review.

A funny shooter

I found this very entertaining. it is very well done for your first interactive game submission.

I liked the design of the aim-a-scoop cusor, very high tech looking, as would be inspired by "Sift Heads"

The Features of Madness Charecters, both from Krinkel's epic "Madness Apothesis", and ToxicDevil's madness Ninja, is nicely made, Also featuring your old school middle fingure guy, and Random insult's Bob, is nicely mixed in this game, and there murders, were all animated smoothly reacting the sniper shoots.

Madness Combat 4 Hank's bullet, sword defecting was slick.

Bobs ressurecting was brightlly effective, just when i thought i had Bob's ugly ass Killt! :3

I also liked the effective Grenade Expolsion feature, nicely animated too.

Also well fitted soundtack of Eminem, matching the killing objective of this game.

another great submission by you. my 10/10 belongs to this:)

nggangsterpimp responds:

for my first game it isnt really that bad.

hay thanks alot man. i wanted to make the shooter look extremely good. :D its not the best but i love it.

toxicdevil did great on that ninja. its awesome. haha middle fingar gai and Bob;. lawl.

hay man what can i say. mc4 hank is way to cool to die. he fucking wins. especially with that sword. he deflects all your shit cuz he wins like that. :P

yeah. just when you think you can finally get bob for talking shit to you he comes right back. its to bad that god likes to see bob ripping you. D:

the grenade explosion isnt that great. credits to the granade also go to toxicdevil93. i gotta add that. but i did the explosion by myself.

eminem is great. :D

thnx man. appreciate this well thought out review. >:D


nice one and good sticking to not killing hank HE CANT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!very funny to!!!

nggangsterpimp responds:

yeah. hanks way to cool to dai. :P


its cool
nice idea on youre not alound to kill hank BTW

nggangsterpimp responds:

lol. thnx.