Reviews for "Zombie Tower Defense 4"

Nothing new

Nothing to special about this game... its pretty much the same as all tower defense games.


for some reason i cannot start the game
i press on "play game" and choose a difficulty but nothing happens...im just in the same starting menu again =/
well i cant give a good review so u an halfway average score from me

codetown responds:

I have heard of this problem a couple of times now but I can not reproduce it... If you have any more information I would appreciate it!

fun time waster

i think its too bland. it needs a bit more diversity, such as different maps and better looking guns or something, more creativeness is what i mean. add those things in there and you will have a winner.


Not the best in tower defense games, but I'd say good effort...

plenty of other tower defenses..

so make yours stand out. This one wasn't very fun. Graphics could be a lot better too. Nice job though :)