Reviews for "Zombie Tower Defense 4"

great game

This is like no other tower defense game, it is uniqe, and a little bit funny (the difficulty settings) and just the idea, it is so neat. usually it's "creeps" you're fighting, or balloons or something else stupid, but this time it's zombies. who would've guessed? :)

Great work

This was a really fun game but it could have better graphics like blood or more detail. Otherwise nice game.


great defense game man, keep up the good work

Level 233 and money off the charts

Fun but at that point I was saturated with missile and slow towers, they werent even getting on the screen and I had nothing else to build, I left and came back and they still werent getting on the screen. Really enjoyed this though, also very impressed that it didnt lag even with a screen full of towers. IMPRESSIVE I SAY!

Tally ho and till we meet again