Reviews for "Zombie Tower Defense 4"


i thought it was a great game although it seems real hard, and the income is to low for these zombies!!


Not the best in tower defense games, but I'd say good effort...


pro's - good fun and a nice challenge
con's - needs better graphics more original towers (as in the basic tower gets big range when fully upgraded thats in like 3 other td games) faster gameplay and a break between levels

other than that realy good effort
sorry if it sounds like i was harsh but i dont usualy rate any thing that hard i guess im quite hard to please


good effort, i don't know (yet) if you made other games but this one is pretty cool.
there is something i don't really like: graphics, try improve it, the radials of the canons make them look unreal. ok i should maybe not critisise because i have no flash submissions, but change the landscape and canon graphics, the pistol tower lvl V was good graphic!
9/10 stars, rating 5/5.
i like defense games make more man!

codetown responds:

I have made some other games, there are three prior games in the tower defense series. I believe all are on newgrounds, you can also find them on my website http://zombiehead.org

Great Game!!

This game is awsome! For the players- the best way to play is to upgrade the towers all the way, not have a lot of towers. Anyways awsome game keep it up

P.S. The next time you make another game like this try to add more towers.