Reviews for "Zombie Tower Defense 4"

not bad

besides the part wear it says upgrade XXXXXXXX (on difficulty levels above total loser) and you don't know how much upgrades require which is quite annoying especially on the hardest difficulty.

plenty of other tower defenses..

so make yours stand out. This one wasn't very fun. Graphics could be a lot better too. Nice job though :)

pretty well done

maybe fix it so you cannot put towers on the white panel. otherwise a standard tower game

codetown responds:

I have fixed this, and the fix is now in place!


i beated the game at easiest lvl and when i got the missile launcher i just let it run for like half an hour or so.. and i had money to buy 3 mor and fully upgrade em all :P

good game

i liked it pretty much,easy gameplay, but it needs a strategy to complete it. you could have done a bit more like bloodsplatter and screaming, but it was a good game.