Reviews for "Zombie Tower Defense 4"

I have no life...

Level 328, Hardest Difficulty, full Map with fully upgraded missiles, Yup Somebody shoot me

I like it!

here are a few suggestions:

- other towers such as interest tower that increases your gold by 5% up to 50% when fully upgraded, damage modifier that adds damage to all towers within reach, range tower, speed tower, etc.
- send next enemy button or a speed up button
- other playing modes such as survival
- sandbox mode where you can enter in your own difficulty, starting money, etc.


great defense game man, keep up the good work

long game

i've played for like one and a half hour. it was kinda funny, just boring to see same kind of enemeis all over again... hmmm, my levelpanel disappear somewhere aronud lvl 105-110.
still, qutie a good game


But when you get past level 400 the upgrade panel dissapers :(