Reviews for "Zombie Tower Defense 4"

needs few tweeks

to easy :)
all u got 2 do is start with 4 pistols then get 3-4 lazers/upgrade them game beat O_O

Like it!

I really enjoyed this game. Although it bugs out at level 500, and stop showing money, level and you cant build anything more. But then again, I guess it's not intended for levels that high, since you complete the first difficulty at level 50. :)
But yeah, as others have said, add some more fun towers, and take it a bit easy on the other difficultys, and I will love this game for all eternity!

Level 233 and money off the charts

Fun but at that point I was saturated with missile and slow towers, they werent even getting on the screen and I had nothing else to build, I left and came back and they still werent getting on the screen. Really enjoyed this though, also very impressed that it didnt lag even with a screen full of towers. IMPRESSIVE I SAY!

Tally ho and till we meet again

lol i got to like lvl 650

had my whole field with the missle launcher fully upgraded. lost with like 10million in cash. it was ok though

A few bugs

I found a few bugs. First of all if you select first one and then another tower the old tower placement symbol superimposes itself over the selected tower, and you cannot easily select that tower again. Second. There is no way to cancel a tower select, you have to place it and if you can't you cannot select anything EVER again in that game. Not a bad game, but it does gat boring after a while. As this is your 4th rendidtion of this game it should be a LOT better than it is. 3/10 and 2/5