Reviews for "Zombie Tower Defense 4"


at this moment... i have every space filled up with lvl 5 missile towers.
im on level 250-ish... i was planning on letting it run all night. and see where i end up, but the money runs out of digits at 7 spaces... i have 3.9 billion.

anyways. the game was fun. like many have said.
WAY too easy.
but stgill enjoyable.
i give decent scores.

left on cherry street

fairly easy and a whole lot of fun. poison and ice towers in combination is insane against the hulk zombies


I played until... i dont know where i ended up but when i reached like 173 or something the textures got bugged and i couldnt upgrade or sell any towers anymore and i couldnt see how much money i had anymore same with what lvl i was on so... but it was a good game but alittle too easy i mean the zombies cant get pass my 3 first towers...

Hellz hea!!

Great game. I was able to make it to wave 50.....on the loser difficulty @_@


Don't you think this is a little...easy? I made it with a few maxed out rapid towers and 4 maxed out missile towers to...Well I'm still playing. So far I'm at level 183... I'll come back after i hit the 500's...
Anyways, great game. Keep up the work. Now back to maxing out missile towers with my millions of dollars.