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Reviews for "Random Kingdom"


As always, Great flash animating, funny events and a twist in the end :) Good job

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you


u seem to like to put violence in ur videos that makes them even better

cobra0528 responds:


Dude your awesome!

lol i watched like everyone of your vids today and LOLED through all! Kingdom Hearts is my second favourite game, second only to DARK CLOUD/2


LINK SO MUGGED SORA HE SO KICKED HIS ASS i knew he would lmao hilarious i thought this was hilarious


Yo love the saw theme and umm are u gonna make another cuz it was funny as hell

cobra0528 responds:

Well this was just a completely random idea I came up with. So if you're asking if this will have a sequel, then probably not. But if you're asking whether or not I'll have another completely random animation like this again, there is a chance. Thanks for the feedback!