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Reviews for "Random Kingdom"

Like Greaaaaaatttt

just so funny, i never played kingdom hearts but this is still funny as hell
BTW, you kinda forgot to credit nintendo for link.

cobra0528 responds:

Oh good point. Then again, I never did say that it was him. Hmm...not like I am making any money off of this anyways.

beasts, I will destroy you with my mighty key.

Funny movie, it's pretty random but it's not quite as random as I thought.
you could've put some more 'stuff' happening in the background, overall it's a good movie and certainly not the random crap you find on newgrounds.

cobra0528 responds:

Well I am glad you liked it. I hope I can do better next time. Thanks!


Ten Stars!!
It was funny and you also knew when to add detail and take it away--
Or so it SEEMED you did.
^_^ Awesome job!

cobra0528 responds:

...hmm...did I?...did I not?...yeah, I suppose I did. Thanks!

Nice parody

this was a very good parody of kingdom hearts and explains the real story

cobra0528 responds:



a good joke and very funny ps: pls make 10 more

cobra0528 responds:

10 more? Damn