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Reviews for "Random Kingdom"


nice passtimes lol!
Very nicely done, kudos to the both of you :D

That was funny as hell!

first the saw fail then random crap on kingdom hearts which turned out to be an insane boy who later got sadated but funny as hell!!


Lot of inside jokes. Don't really get it.

cobra0528 responds:

They aren't really inside jokes. They are just extremely random. I don't think any of these came from jokes with people I know.


Very nice


So wait a minute, was that the same guy who got his head crushed, who then ended up in the game when he died as some sort of hell, and then it turns out he imagined the whole thing at the end? Because his hairstyle changed. If not then what's the point of it doing the saw thing and then the completely unrelated thing? By the way, why are his eyes black? Is that supposed to mean his pupils are so dilated they cover his whole eyes or something?

Well, I give it an 8 because it was somewhat amusing and didn't suck and it was animated well but it loses 2 points for having poor continuity. Randomness is ok, but randomness without any continuity is not good.

cobra0528 responds:

In the game was Sora from Kingdom Hearts, the guy in the beginning is dead. The black eyes are just an easy way to make someone look messed up.