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Reviews for "Ain't Dead Yet"

now this, this deserves to of the audio portal. lovely chillout music that also gives that hint of badass and a feel of a warm dry summers morning, loving the guitar it never gets repetitive and the vocals are perfect. the distortion hits give it a nice "footstep" feel, or even prison labour (breaking rocks, the stereotypical stuff). awesome work!

Lundsfryd responds:

I see it has created some images in your mind. I was hoping it would have that effect in people. Thanks :)

very good. I am a huge fan of the blues and this is great. the guitar is smooth and the vocals are chilling. the distortion and boom effects really makes this something that you would hear in Rodriguez movie. great song all in all.

Lundsfryd responds:

Rodriguez pick of music for his films have been a great influence on my song writing so that is VERY flattering to me :) Thanks a bunch..

Fedt at se nogle danskere der mestre Blues/Western temaet bedre end de ægte Cowboys. Det lød virkelig fedt drenge... 5 Stjerner for den her, glæder mig til at høre noget mere fra jer af!!!

Lundsfryd responds:

Tusinde tak skal du have.. :)

Alright. Great song. Lots of strong elements here. Vocal work is excellent. The bang effect introduced at 0.06 gives this track a real Old Western feel. On the Vocals I felt the Voice went almost to a mumble at 0.46 when you said "yet" the word is shadowed by the effects. I liked the the Guitar effect at 0.58 and your keys at 1.07.
Again gives a real Western feel to it. Towards the end... roughly the 3.20 area the Madness guitar sounds make me feel like its trying to build up to something... but it isn't.
You can also say the guitars used a bit much at the end... the screeching goes on for a while from 3.19 to 4.08... This may interfere with the more sad and humble feeling I think your going for, yet I wouldn't recommend to change it much either... only shorten it so that you still get a taste of defiance in there. I'd also have recommended using your vocalist to end the song as well...

Awesome work guys

Lundsfryd responds:

Thanks - it's great to get some prober critique for once :) we will take it into account when we make the finished version.