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Reviews for "Press Start: Devil May..."

Ahh... Good times...

Press Start is awesome, true, the graphics aren't brilliant, but the humour and refereneces are genius... But I still haven't seen the movie! :O

haha classic

evil idiot become evil idiot ruler lol classic

Hah not bad..

I watched all of your flashes, and i'm too lazy to watch the movie. However the good news is, you have another fan of your work, very humorous flashes friend. I hope to to see more of these.

Also, i'm glade to see Vile became the ruler of Hell, this "twist" in the plot will be interesting to watch unfold. :)

Also...whats your favorite old school game? I see alot of old school video game characters and i'm yet to know which one inspired you most to make this unique series.

Vlad sounds like.

Vlad sounds like Brian Posehn to me. But of course you could have gotten someone that sounds like him to do it.

loved it

issars: Hey Kane guess what I just did.

Kane: Uhh...watched a demon slip on a banana?

issars: No I just saw the best video ever...wait yea I did!