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Reviews for "Press Start: Devil May..."


dude this is sweet..ive gotta try out the press start site.....keep this stuff up :D and off topic.. this vote gave me 100points :D yaay!

Never Ceases to Amaze

Really, the writing is fantastic. I've been a fan ever since the Bonus Levels started coming out (even took the time to purchase the movie). The only criticism I have at all is that sometimes the jokes get a little too tacky, even with regard to the inspirational material (that is, classic video games). Still, it's surrounded by witty dialog and nostalgic references that always leave me coming back for more.
I can wait for more Adventures.


Another great episode, as always! I was hoping to see Sonic turn one of the blue spheres into a red one.

Also, I love how you made it follow after the movie, too. Great job! Can't wait to see more!


i give it a 10 and 5 because it was funny but u kinda left it open ended i mean we all know wht vile will say after he goes "Hey vlad guys wht i just did!!" but really?
this is funny and obviously every1 likes it but i hope tht u make another sequel thts a tad longer

Hah not bad..

I watched all of your flashes, and i'm too lazy to watch the movie. However the good news is, you have another fan of your work, very humorous flashes friend. I hope to to see more of these.

Also, i'm glade to see Vile became the ruler of Hell, this "twist" in the plot will be interesting to watch unfold. :)

Also...whats your favorite old school game? I see alot of old school video game characters and i'm yet to know which one inspired you most to make this unique series.