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Reviews for "Press Start: Devil May..."

As funny as ever

What really works with it is that Joseph is such a funny little turtle character. His lack of doing anything probably helps attribute to his cuteness. It is interesting to see stuff alluding to the movie, which I unfortunately have yet to see. I think this has some of the best animation of the series, especially when Vile is trying to conquer the world. There were simply tons of funny lines like Vlad having died thousands of times. It is great to see a story being set up instead of just random jokes.

hah nice

vlad won by ring out

HAHA *hey vlad? Guess what i just did*

I seriously love theese series, not only is itbased on all the true video game stuff, you also manage to make it funny as *hell* though the graphic could have been better for some people, i don't think it's needed, since it's making it even more epic than before


The ending was one of my favorite lines in the series. LMFAO, "Hey Vlad. Guess what I just did." XD I busted a gut laughing so hard. I love this series!!!!


Who the here put you in charge?