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Reviews for "Press Start: Devil May..."

oh kay

generally funny, but i hated the cliche slipping on a banana peel.


it was okay wasnt my favorite on newgrounds but u still do a good job and it was pretty funny

You skipped part of the story

Great addition to the series, but wait, did I miss something?

Is like a flash foward? We never saw them actually defeat Vlad. And they haven't found the boy from the prophecy yet. Hopefully you aren't skipping that part. Otherwise good job.

My favorite part: This battle has strengthened the lack of a soul of Count Vile

DarkMazeStudios responds:

The missing part is Press Start: The Movie:


*tv starts to fuzz* "what the?"

vile "hey vlad guess what i just did."

that was funny dude

lol owned by fruit

Good job...pretty funny:) Too short tho:P