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Reviews for "4 Elements"

Really really good

the only problem is how systematic it is, it may be different in the three other books, but the bejewled theme gets really boring after doing it 16 times. Maybe some different minigames would make it a lot more interesting. Its a really great game though, thanks!


its too repetitive. very lacking in originality, i feel as though there are too many "matching games" then there are picture games and finding games. very unoriginal it feels as though you just mushed up I spy and Find the differance! games and then added a ton of matching. the only original part i found about it was that you actually had to reach a goal though teh matching instead of just trying to clear the field. you should also have made it so that you can move maps at your own pace instead of the camera moving and leaving you saying "NO NO WAIT I MISSED THAT ONE". gets boring really quickly.

very nice

love it
there is a save though, right?

Mixed feelings.

OK, first the bad. There are a lot of these marketable flash games coming out, and somehow, they feel very much the same. They are too forgiving of mistakes, pretty flashy in graphics, and deficient in gameplay, usually lacking variety, and always lacking originality, except in artwork. In addition, they usually get panned on Newgrounds because the pieces posted are so limited, and people feel cheated when they put time and effort into playing the game only to be deprived of the reward of accomplishing anything, unless they pay for the full version. Nevermind whether that's fair.
That said, here's the good. This one stands out for the variety in gameplay, and for the expansiveness of the section you made available for free. There are some fairly inventive, although not difficult, devices and puzzles in the gem-matching section. The graphics are very nice, and although the sounds are stock, they are pleasing. The progression in difficulty is smart.
It would have been nice to get more of the hunt and click element, but I felt pretty good about playing this once I had finished. There is something of a problem for you, the developer, in making so much of the game available without restrictions, in that I kinda feel like I've seen everything there is to see with this game. If there's more variety coming, you should probably make that clear in the blurb you have on your site. It'd get you more bites.

The last gripe, for-profit development studios never respond to reviews! We really like responses, makes us feel like you value our opinion. So please do.


but people feel a little ripped off when you make it a trial game and then give them a link to buy it :/ but the game itself was pretty good.